Knowledge Bennett, born Dec. 5, 1976, is a self-taught visual artist currently based in Los Angeles, California. Fueled by his own entrepreneurial record of success in various industries, Knowledge has trained his artistic talent through work in commercial photography and fine art studio practices. Influenced by the rich history of various Post-War American art movements, Knowledge’s work displays a purposeful familiarity yet possesses a deeper and more meaningful conceptual understanding. Immersed in modes of mechanical reproduction, he creates artworks that play to a sociological understanding of political and ideological tensions that resonate in today's world.

“I’ve always thought it to be the responsibility of the artist to help restore a degree of dignity, integrity and sense of humanity. At the core of my work is the effort to engage, enlighten and inspire. The tearing down of walls, accompanied by the building of bridges, is merely my attempt to right many of the wrongs existing within today’s society.” - Knowledge Bennett